About Me

"The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness."

As a designer and art director, I have worked from coast to coast and had my hand in just about every industry along the way. I thrive off the challenge of combining the clients needs with thoughtful and well-crafted design.
Client Experience
Asics, Converse, New Era Cap, Tommyrotter Distillery, Parkhurst Boots, Lids, Volcom, Newcastle Brown Ale, Labbatt, Breyer's, Ford, Kink BMX, Buffalo Bills, Yahoo! Sports, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Duncan Keith, Trip Advisor, Groupon, Dixie, Kodak, Yamaha WaterCraft, Maid of the Mist, Mad Monk Tea, Black Claw, Ace Parking, Reyn Spooner, Refinery29 and many more.

Honors And Awards
2019 Gold ADDY (x4), 2019 Silver ADDY, 2018 Gold ADDY (x3), 2017 Silver ADDY (x2), 2015 Gold ADDY (x2), LogoLounge: Book 10 (x3), LogoLounge: Masters Book 4, LogoLounge: Book 6

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